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On-site In 60 Minutes.

On-site In 60 Minutes.

Our friendly team will get you back to business, fast.

30 Years Experience.

30 Years Experience.

Our company has been serving Melbourne for more than 3 decades.

Equipment Hire.

Equipment Hire.

State of the art drying equipment for faster results to save you money.



We’re the experts in both residential and commercial. We do it all.

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GET $50 off

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Our Services


Water Damage Restoration

SuccessBurst pipes, leaking roofs, overflowing bath tubs and sinks, rising water from wastes, water through doors, walls, and windows
SuccessSafety inspections, moisture mapping & advanced drying systems
SuccessHygienist reports & compliance certificates for peace of mind

Water Extraction

SuccessHigh powered water extractors with heaps of suction
SuccessExtraction of moisture trapped behind cabinets and skirtings
SuccessDehumidifiers dry deep within walls and cavities to prevent mould
SuccessCarpet drying and full restoration

Storm Damage Restoration

SuccessAssessment of damages
SuccessDecontamination & drying of building structure
SuccessCut & disposal of contaminated materials
SuccessSanitisation in preperation for reconstruction

Structural & Timber Drying

SuccessSubfloor, concrete, solid timber floor drying & floating floors
SuccessPlaster walls, skirtings & ceilings
SuccessTimber frames, brick walls & basements

Mould Remediation

SuccessAssessment & scope of works
SuccessSanitisation & control of environment to prevent cross-contamination
SuccessRestore healthy living environment
SuccessClearance testing
Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Clean-up

SuccessBest practice decontamination cleans
SuccessSafe waste disposal
SuccessSubstance testing
SuccessHepa grade air-purification
Carpet Cleaning

Wet Carpet Cleaning

SuccessIICRC certified technicians
SuccessStain removal & carpet deodorising
SuccessCarpet mould treatment
SuccessNon-toxic chemicals safe for family & pets

Furniture & Rug Restoration

SuccessClean & deodorise
SuccessOff-site storage
SuccessSentimental furniture restoration, artwork & digital imaging restoration

Thermal Camera & Water Detection

SuccessWorld-class thermal imaging infra-red cameras - FLIR thermal imaging®
SuccessNon-invasive & immediate results
SuccessPeace of mind to prevent against mould growth

Odour Control & Fogging

SuccessHospital grade HEPA air filtration
SuccessAir-testing & hygienist reports
SuccessAnti-microbial fogging treatment
SuccessSanitisation and deodorisation of carpets
SuccessNo musty smells guaranteed

HEPA Grade Purification

SuccessFilter dust, pollen, mould, bacteria & airborne particles
SuccessIndustrial and commercial systems
SuccessBest choice for asthma and allergies
Axial fans

Equipment Hire & Installation

SuccessCommercial-grade dehumidifiers
SuccessAxial fans & air movers
SuccessDesiccant structural dryers
SuccessHEPA grade air purifiers
SuccessDry heat mats

Our Restoration Process.

DryX has the expertise and equipment to quickly restore your property back to pre-water damage condition. We use a scientific approach to water removal and water cleanup that emphasizes monitoring and documenting the drying process from beginning to end.
Every water damage event is a little different, and requires a unique solution, but the general process stays the same.

1Inital Phone Call
We’ll take the time to listen and get to know you how you run your home or business. And then we will provide options to suit. Simple. Our specialist will guide you through several questions that will help us appropriately respond to your unique water emergency. We will set up a time for our trained technician to inspect the property and create a restoration plan for you. Fast response is critical, so we’ll want to schedule this as soon as possible.
2Site Inspection
Our technician will thoroughly assess the water damage and help you understand its severity, hazards that may be present, and determine what can be restored. If necessary, we will also assist with stopping the source of the water damage. All of this is a crucial step to creating an effective plan of action that will result in the successful restoration of your property.
3Make it Safe
We remove all electrical devices to avoid risk. We also remove slip hazards from the area to ensure safety. Furniture that may be in the way of the drying process may be relocated and foam blocks will be installed to protect furniture and floor coverings.
4Water Extraction
Work normally begins with a thorough extraction of water. This will prevent the spread of water to the structure and reduces drying time. Hundreds or thousands of litres of water are removed using powerful pumps and extraction units during the water removal process.
5Removal of Non-restorable Items
Materials that cannot be successfully restored should be removed as soon as possible to expedite the drying of all restorable materials. Our lead technician will discuss the reasonings and will await your approval before actioning this work.
6Cleaning, Sanitising, & Deodorisation
Dirty water will require cleaning, sanitizing, or deodorization needs for floors, furniture, and other personal belongings. It may contain contamination, unsafe levels of bacteria, viruses, or mold and other contaminants. We use anti-microbial and sanitisation equipment, and proven techniques to ensure the safety of your staff and family.
7Rapid Drying
Our team will install industry-leading drying equipment to dry behind gravicess and deep within the structure. The type and amount of equipment is dependent on your unique situation and industry standards. Our team will develop a drying system to best suite your building and activities. Structural drying is essential to bring back the property to its pre-flood condition.
During the drying process, our specialists will want to visit your property daily to help ensure materials are drying properly, check drying equipment performance, and make changes as needed. This monitoring process is critical to effective and efficient drying of your property.
We purify all the air in the affected areas, removing odours and protecting against allergies. We filter with a minimum efficiency 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns and 95% of particles at 0.1 microns. This ensures peace of mind that all your staff and family are safe during the drying process.
10Carpet Cleaning
After drying is complete your carpet will be washed and deoderised using a hot water extraction process and In most cases, we can restore your carpets to a better condition then before the flooding took place.
11Compliance Certificates
The only guarantee against mould contamination is written documentation to confirm that all affected areas have reached acceptable drying standards. Compliance certificates are issued on ALL our work, and specialist hygienist reports are available upon request.
12Total Satisfaction
Upon completion, you and our technician will perform a final inspection to determine that all concerns have been addressed. In most cases, we can restore your property to a better condition than it was before the flooding took place. We love happy customers!
Whatever the flood. Big or small. We're onto it.

Whatever the flood. Big or small. We're onto it.

From large buildings to everyday accidents in homes, we believe that every job should get the same level of care and support. You can be confident we’ll go above and beyond to get your property dried and restored, professionally and quickly.

Where do you need help?

Where do you need help?

We service all Melbourne suburbs.
Call us now on 03 7500 5890.

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What to do after you call DryX.

1. Wear appropriate footwear.
Always wear appropriate footwear and walk slowly. This will avoid accidents and help avoid contact with contaminated water.
2. Stop the water flow.
Stabilise the situation by stopping the water flow. If there is a burst pipe, turn off the main water to the house, located near the services area or at the front of the property. If necessary call a plumber to guide you through this process.
3. Turn off power.
If there is water running through downlights or, the power is short circuiting and causing interference to lights or electrical appliances, act quickly. Power can be turned off at the fuse box normally located outside the front door or the front side of the house.
4. Open doors and windows.
Open doors and windows, and use fans to create air-flow within the property. This will help release moisture in the air and assist in beginning the natural drying process.
5. Rescue your valuable possessions.
Timber furniture can stain carpets, so small items should be relocated to the garage or tiled areas. Do not place wet items on dry carpet to avoid staining. This can be done by placing plastic bags under the feet of timber furniture. Avoid lifting heavy furniture since our team is trained to assist with this type of work.


DryX customers rate their experience with us a 4.7 out of 5. Take a look at some of their great reviews on Google.

Google4.7/5. From over 144+ reviews.

5 Stars22 May 2024
Steven LawsonEffective and quick management of a large commercial flood. Great communicators, all parties involved were very happy.
5 Stars19 May 2024
Paris RodwellGreat prompt service by the team. Our house flooded on a public holiday and they were there ASAP to assist us. Highly recommend!! Thanks
5 Stars14 May 2024
Kim IonaThe DryX team were absolutely wonderful!! In what could've been a nightmare situation, their prompt, courteous expertise and remedial work was a very welcome relief! Thank you!!
5 Stars7 May 2024
Tom GriffithsThe DryX team were clear and concise and did everything they said they would. A potential disaster for me became significantly easier.
5 Stars30 Apr 2024
Robert KingWhen I was notified of my disaster I was over 1000 klms away from home. After notifing the insurance company they had organized the team. By 4pm that day they were in the house in full swing. Nothing but praise. Thank you!
5 Stars27 Apr 2024
AmandaThe teams's professionalism and calm, reassuring demeanor helped me cope with my emergency. They were very kind and compassionate people! highly recommend them...
5 Stars22 Apr 2024
John DonaldDryX is my life saviour! They get the job done real quick and super friendly! Massive thanks to the team who had so much patience and kindness explaining every bit of details to me about the flooding issues i was having.
5 Stars20 Apr 2024
Dennis SmithI still cannot believe how Kind the team whereThey helped My 87 year old father clean and dry his carpet of his home, the team had an outstanding response Time getting to our house within the hour!

Tips to avoid a flood.

Water damage in a house can be truly disastrous. Left unchecked, even a slow leak will rot out plaster and timber framework, create black mold, and eventually weaken major structural elements like joists and beams. Stopping leaks before that first drop of water starts is the best way to prevent water damage. The good news is that simple maintenance procedures can help you avoid everything from minor water damage on up to major water damage that necessitates expensive repairs. Talk to our lead technician to prepare a plan, ahead of time for what you can do if an event like this reoccurs.

1. Turn off water at the mains if you go on holidays
If a pipe did burst and you are away, the damage could be significant.
2. Fix leaking taps
These are visible and preventable.
3. Check for visible corrosion to pipes
Check under sinks and pipes connected to hot water systems located inside house and in roof cavities.
4. Inspect the roof
Cracked tiles or corroded flashing may not cause a leak until there is a major storm event.
5. Clean and maintain gutters and downpipes
Implement a regular cleaning plan - once or twice a year is sufficient depending on surrounding trees.
6. Keep your sinks and drains clean
Hair blocking showers drains should be cleaned regularly. Make sure that your bath tub's overflow drain is draining and not leaking.
7. Inspect and repair the chimney
It is a large opening not well weather-sealed like windows or doors. Install a chimney cap or make sure that your cap is properly attached.
8. Grade the exterior soil around your building
Ground that declines toward the house will result in pooled water and potential flooding during a storm event.
9. Maintain the sump pump in basements
Usually located in the basement removes water from where it doesn't belong to a better area. Make sure that your pump is still connected to and is working.
10. Check waste and spoon drains on balconies
A leak from a balcony can cause huge damage to sub-floors, ceilings, and rooms directly below, so ensure these are regularly inspected and cleaned. These floods can be easily avoided.
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